Meet Our Staff

Darlene Chiropractic AssistantDarlene - Chiropractic Assistant

FUN FACT: Darlene is a self-proclaimed "Disnerd" (Disney Nerd) Darlene was introduced to Chiropractic care in the 90's where she became familiar with the health benefits of regular Chiropractic adjustments. She met Dr. Wells over 10 years ago... in fact, Dr. Wells was her chiropractor! She began working with Dr. Wells in her former Diamond Bar office. She works hard every day to help each patient receive quality care by doing all she can to help them get an appointment in a timely manner, verify their insurances or assisting patient's in understanding their coverage and having a positive and friendly experience in our office. She fully trusts Chiropractic adjustments to keep herself healthy. She understands that most patients are in a lot of pain and tries to keep a positive, upbeat professional attitude during their visit. She believes teamwork is important and encourages patient's to call ahead and schedule appointments in advance to stay happy and healthy instead of waiting.